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Jerat Magika Green Coffee

Product Details

Content: 15 sachets X 21g

NOTE: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from person to person. It is best combined with proper diet and exercise.


Ask a Question
  • Can i drink the coffee when i on menses ??

    Yes, you may consume the coffee during menses period. In fact, one of the ingredients which is spirulina helps to boosts energy as you might tend to feel tired during your menses period.

  • Hi....im on medication for heart, is it ok to consume green coffee?

    Hi. Green coffee is known to have a lower caffeine content as compared to roasted coffee. We suggest you consume half a sachet for a start and gradually consume 1 full sachet. So far, there is no reported case of heart palpitations for the green coffee as it is mild. If in doubt, do consult a physician or a doctor.

  • I am nursing my 10 month old baby, can i still consume?

    You may consume the green coffee if the baby doesn’t have jaundice. Otherwise, you may consume as normal.

  • Hi where is this product from? I am allergic to chocolate , cocoa is there any presence of this in this coffee? This coffee will help in weigh loss, inches loss and fats too?

    Hi. The products are from Malaysia. The coffee does not contain chocolate or cocoa. Basically, it’s made up of green coffee, chia seeds and spirulina. It also uses non-dairy creamer and fructose. Yes, it helps to suppress appetite and helps in the fat burning process. Do note that results may vary from person to person.

  • After drinking the coffee for about a week, I feel lighter and can fit into my old clothings. However, I did not lose any weight. Why is that so?

    What you are experiencing is inch loss instead of weight loss. Results may vary from person to person. Some of our customers experienced inch loss for a start and followed by the weight loss eventually.

  • I am nursing my baby. Can I drink the coffee?

    We do not recommend nursing mums to consume the coffee if your baby has jaundice. 

  • I’m a diabetic. Is the coffee suitable for me?

    Yes, it is and you may still drink the coffee. The coffee uses fructose instead of raw sugar. If in doubt, do consult a physician or a doctor.

  • Will the coffee cause me to frequent the toilet?

    No, it does not cause you to frequent the toilet. However, you may feel slight discomfort depending on what you eat, especially spicy food.

  • Can I drink the coffee more than once per day?

    Yes, you may drink the coffee for the second time on the same day. You are advised to drink the coffee 30 minutes before dinner.

  • I have gastric problem. Can I still drink this coffee?

    Yes, you may still consume the coffee. However, you are advised to have your breakfast prior to consuming the coffee.

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