[30-Days Bundle] Optimum Performance

JM Advance Green Coffee

Formerly known as Jerat Magika Green Coffee. Power-packed with superfoods, you can expect an optimum performance. JM Advance Green Coffee has an additional ingredient - Hoodia formula. This gives JM Advance an edge and has 2X the effect.

This all-natural coffee is great for detox, fat burning and anti-ageing.

Start your weight loss journey TODAY!

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Choco Banana Diet Drink

Chocolate and banana can never go wrong. There's no doubt that it's real tasty when these two flavours are mixed. On top of that, the presence of brown rice in Choco Banana Diet Drink makes it yummy, tasty yet healthy.

How can a chocolate drink possibly help to lose weight when the norm says that consuming chocolate makes you gain weight?

This diet drink uses rich chocolate which actually derived from the fruit seeds of a cacao tree. Do you know that 'cacao' has way more health benefits than 'cocoa'?

For sure, you can still enjoy a sinfully delicious chocolate drink even during your weight loss journey. What's more is that you can drink it hot or cold!

Order yours TODAY!

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  1. Consume the JM Advance Green Coffee (approx. 150ml) 30-minutes before breakfast.
  2. Have the Choco Banana Diet Drink (approx. 150ml) for dinner. Have a smaller portion of meal for dinner instead.
  3. For best result, eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of big ones.

**Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day! 

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    Content: 2 packs of JM Advance (30 sachets); 2 packs of Choco Banana (30 sachets)


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