INTERVIEW: Up Close & Personal With Nur Azura

January 21, 2019

INTERVIEW: Up Close & Personal With Nur Azura

In this special edition interview, we get up close and personal with the Founder of Magika, Nur Azura.

Currently, Magika has a range of health and beauty products which are mainly being distributed in Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei. It also has plans to market its products internationally.

For this interview, we’ll get Madam Azura to share more with us on Magika’s best-seller.

Hi Madam, it’s nice to have you being featured in this very first interview. It’s amazing to see how Magika has reached this milestone within a short period of time.

We hope you can share with the readers more on the best-selling Jerat Magika Green Coffee (now known as JM Advance).

What made you came up with the formulation of the green coffee?

The initial intention was actually to help myself as I was pretty heavy at that point of time. After giving it much thought, I decided to add it to Magika’s collection in order to help those who are dealing with weight issues. I totally understand how it feels like. The low self-confidence, the stares given, health risks and so on.

The coffee is formulated in such a way that it is not only meant for weight loss but also regulates a healthy blood sugar level, anti-aging, lowers HDL cholestrol level.

It is also something easy to be consumed as compared to pills or capsules. You can just drink it as your daily healthy beverage.

What were the difficulties faced as someone who is overweight?

It’s always a dilemma when shopping for clothes. Like getting the right size and colour. Of course, I had to avoid bright colours. And also, the low self-morale, knowing that you don’t have an attractive body shape.

If it’s not something sensitive, what is your weight now and then?

Currently, I weigh around 60kg. I used to weigh around 80kg back then.

Wow! 20kg LOST! How long did you take to lose that much?

Ermmmm... Probably around 4 to 5 months.

Perhaps, you can share with us on the lifestyle and diet during that journey?

I can’t possibly do intensive workout for a start. So, I just made sure that I was actively moving around and do some light exercises for 15 minutes.

The initial part is always the most challenging to get yourself started. Once you get started and have gained the momentum, you’ll get used to it.

As for the diet, I made it a point to eat in moderation and eat smaller meals.

When did you start noticing the difference?

I started seeing and experiencing the difference about a week after consuming Jerat Magika Green Coffee (now known as JM Advance) combined with my exercise regime and diet.

It was a habit for me to keep track of my progress and monitoring of my weight. Once you started seeing result, it’s all about self-satisfaction and achievement.

Consistency is key when it comes to weight loss.

Back to the coffee, how is it unique and different as compared to other slimming coffee out there?
It’s the combination of 3 main ingredients (Green Coffee, Chia Seeds & Spirulina) which have great health benefits.

These superfood are scientifically well known for its weight loss benefits! Also, the coffee has a premium taste that is unique.

Jerat Magika Green Coffee

Lastly, what advice(s) do you have for those who wish to shed some weight?

Whatever we do in order to lose weight, there has to be CONSISTENCY. On top of that, moderate your diet and do some exercises to maximise the result. It helps a lot to achieve that ideal body.

We’d like to thank you for your time and all the tips & advice given. We wish you success in all future endeavours!
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